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Micheal Speech at School Opening Ceremony
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  Good morning everyone.  How are you today? Some of you know me, but for those of you who don't, my name is Michael Taggart and I'm Canadian.


  I came to Jingmen in 2004 and taught at this school for 4 years.  Last year I moved to Wuhan to teach at a college.


  There are some really good things about Wuhan and some not so good things about Wuhan.


  For example, in Wuhan there are many cinemas, arcades and shops to visit.  Also, if I feel like eating western food, I can easily buy cheese, hot-dogs and pizza.


  However, as you know, the summers in Wuhan can be very hot, too hot for me.  The traffic is terrible and there are too many cars.  And unfortunately it's not a very clean city.


  So, my decision to return to Jingmen was based on several factors. Firstly, to be closer to my wife's family.  Secondly, to enjoy the cleaner environment.  But most importantly, to return and teach here at Jingmen Foreign Language School.


  Why? Well, I believe that this is a very good school to work and study in.  I also believe that you can be the best students in Jingmen, if you are willing to work hard and try your best.


  Every year in China, there are many millions of Senior School and University graduates looking for jobs.  Many of them don't find one.  This is the reality these days. 


  However, if take responsibility for your education, study all of your subjects(especially English) dutifully, and try your best, you will have more choices for your future.


  So, I wish you good luck for the upcoming school year, and look forward to watching you succeed.

Thank you.

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